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Spring Branches

What to Expect

Our initial conversation will be over the phone and will be relatively brief.  I will ask you about what you're wanting help with and get some information about your history.  I encourage you to ask any questions about me and/or about therapy in general, especially if you're new to therapy.  If it seems like a good fit, we will schedule an initial session. 


Before the initial session we will discuss a fee.  I am on several insurance panels in Washington (I am not on any in California).  If you are using your insurance I will need to verify your plan prior to the first session.  We can not meet prior to your insurance authorization.  If you are paying out of pocket, you will set-up payments through my secure online platform.


You will receive an email from with access to my secure online platform where you can access the necessary paperwork.  You will need to complete the paperwork no later than 24 hours before the initial session (we cannot meet without this completed paperwork).  If after that first session there's a mutual agreement to work together, we will schedule future sessions.  All sessions will be conducted over video via my secure online platform.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

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