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A Certified Grief Educator is committed to providing the highest level of grief support through education, experience, and insights into the often unacknowledged rocky terrain of grief.  Certified Grief Educators completed a certificate program designed by world-renowned grief expert, David Kessler. They bring his unique methodology, tools, and decades of experience to help people navigate the challenges of grief.


If you've lost a loved one, your world can feel like it's been turned upside down. Grieving can feel like being stuck on a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you feel like there's no way you can withstand the pain that can hit you quickly and unexpectedly. What can make this experience even more painful is that you feel like you're alone on the ride - that no one understands what you're going through.


You feel isolated and alienated because life seems to be moving along as if nothing happened. You may find it difficult to connect with others because they seem like they're uncomfortable around you or, worse, they avoid you.


It's possible to grieve and feel more love than pain. Sometimes the most profound healing occurs when you allow yourself to have YOUR grief journey and stop evaluating where you think you "should" be. You begin to learn that there's no getting over your loss - there's an integration of the loss into your life. You learn that grief is an expression of love.


There's no cure for your grief and it doesn't have a timeline, but it does have milestones. I help people navigate those milestones so that their pain can be transformed into a sense of meaning and purpose. You don't have to do this alone. You can set-up a free consultation with me and speak with someone who understands your pain and heartbreak.

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