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My Specialty

I specialize in helping people go from feeling like a fundamentally flawed person, to feeling like they are a regular person who, like everyone else, has flaws.

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My specialty is working with people in long term recovery.  Recovery from what you ask?  Lots of things, because a lot of people use substances, relationships, work, eating, self-harm, pornography, etc to help alleviate their pain.  You are NOT alone in struggling with this issue.  It's an epidemic.


You are someone who's secure in their recovery, but you don’t feel like you’re thriving.  You’ve done the meetings, groups, retreats, mantras, yoga, exercise, and cleanses but something is still “off."  You did the really hard work of admitting that you had a problem with drinking or drugs or over working or eating or sex or self-harm (or a combination of those issues or others).  Life feels harder than it ever has because you think that you “should” be in a different place. You spend more time feeling ashamed than you'd like to admit.  Perhaps very few people, if anyone, know that you feel this way because you are ashamed of your shame and lack of "progress".


You don't just want to live, you want to thrive. You want to feel like you're a person with flaws, not a fundamentally flawed person.  You know that life can be hard and you're going to struggle (who doesn't -- it's called being human!) but you aren't "broken." 


I understand your pain. Can therapy help with this?  YES.  The key is to learn how the shit you've been through is the source of your strength -- it's your superpower. You can finally feel comfortable in your own skin and be proud and grateful for who you are. You can set up a free consultation and finally feel like you can get some relief.  You're not broken.  You can be helped.  You deserve help.


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