Make sure that you have good WiFi in your location.  A bad Wifi connection can significantly impact the sound and video quality of the session.


Make sure that whatever device you are using is set-up in such a way that you can clearly be seen.  I find that having the camera pointing at eye level is the best set-up.













You will not be on the journey alone. Yes, therapy can sometimes feel like hard work. That hard work pays off significantly in the form of relief and healing. I look forward to hearing from you.

Our initial conversation will be over the phone and will be relatively brief.  I will ask you about what you are wanting help with and get some information about your history.  I encourage you to ask any questions about me and/or about therapy in general.  If it seems like a good fit, we will discuss a fee and schedule an initial session.  All sessions will be over zoom.  I will email you a consent for treatment form & a Zoom link.

I have the following suggestions on how to make the most out of Zoom sessions:

Prioritize setting over convenience.  What does that mean?  It means that it's more important that the setting you're in is conducive to a therapy session than it does to have the time be convenient.  For example, it might be convenient to do a session in your car on your lunch break.  If you're concerned about what coworkers are going to think as they see you or there's a lot of background noise this is not a good setting.  You will likely end up feeling frustrated that you were not able to focus and feel relaxed.   

Make yourself comfortable!  Get a cup of tea, relax on your couch with a blanket and perhaps a furry friend on your lap. (You certainly may see my cat, Russy, come and make herself at home on my lap.  You also may hear or see my dog, Alice as well).  It has been my experience that the more people make a deliberate effort to enhance their comfort, the more they get out of a session.  At certain times, the issues that come up can be hard.  Being in a soothing setting can help.

Make sure that you are in a confidential & quiet space.  This is similar to the suggestion above, but deserves repeating.  Distracting noise and fear of people overhearing you will likely cause you to be uncomfortable and not get as much out of the session as you had hoped.


So .......

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